Integrative Family Care

Atkinson Family Practice is an Amherst-based family medical home. We balance a science-based approach to health and wellness with an attitude of fun, compassion, and openness. Here, you’re more than just a patient—you’re part of our family. We feel that we have built something special and are looking forward to caring for you and yours. Let us tell you more about ourselves and our policies regarding our partnerships with patients seeking their best health. You can find more info about our policies here!

Monday: 8:00 a.m.–7:00 p.m.
Tuesday: 8:00 a.m.–7:00 p.m.
Wednesday: 8:00 a.m.–7:00 p.m.
Thursday: 8:00 a.m.–7:00 p.m.
Friday: 8:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.
Saturday (Drop-In Urgent Care Hours): 10:00-1:00
Sunday: Closed

We are closed everyday 12:30–1:30 p.m. for lunch. We do not have weekend hours, but there is always a provider on call. You can reach the service at (413) 582-3977

Holidays Observed Annually: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving (and the following day), December 24th and 25th

The office is open for all other holidays, including MLK Jr Day, President’s Day, Patriot’s Day, and Indigenous People’s Day (formerly known as Columbus Day). For real time updates about all office information, be sure to visit our Facebook here.

A Letter to our Patients with High Deductible Plans

The insurance landscape has changed over the last several years-premiums and co-pays have increased significantly and high deductible plans have become more prevalent.

We are trying to maintain our current policy of billing insurance first and then billing the patient once we have obtained the explanation of benefits, the number of patients who have high deductible plans have increased to the point where soon we may no longer be able to continue in this manner.

Therefore, effective February 1, 2018 we started using a new payment system that makes it much easier for our patients to pay their bills or set up their own payment plans. This new system also allows us to keep a credit card on file that we either charge when you tell us or we can set up to charge automatically once your responsibility has been determined called a Greenlight, this is recommended for patients with a HSA (health savings account) or FSA (flex spending account).

If you would like to set up a Greenlight please see me when you are in the office or contact me via phone or email below.

How May I Pay?

I want to set up a payment plan:!/

We believe that healthcare is important. We do not want finances to keep you from receiving care that you might need, but we have financial obligations in the office as well. We are always willing to discuss other possible arrangements if people talk to us, so please do not ignore this request. I look forward to your personal interest and cooperation in this matter.

Sincerely, Jessica Hawley, CPC

Billing Supervisor

Phone: 413-549-8400


Flu Shots Are Here!

Atkinson Family Practice has preservative free, single dose flu shots available for patients of all ages! We have quadrivalent flu shots, which are the highest quality dose and protect against four different strains of the flu. Please come to us, your medical home, for your shot instead of a pharmacy.


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Designs for Health Supplements

Designs for Health Coupon Code: AFP25
(This is an ongoing code for 25% off; Must be entered in coupon box at check out and patient must have an account/be logged in)

Xymogen and Moss Nutrition– Call the Office at (413) 549-8400 to ask your provider for access to Xymogen and Moss Nutrition products!

If you’ve misplaced your supplement ordering code given to you by your AFP Provider or are attempting to reorder supplements, please contact the Front Desk at (413) 549-8400 and tell the receptionists you would like another code from Jessica Jimison FNP-C. Thanks!

Office News and Announcements

December 21st marked the 5th anniversary of our move to the Atkinson Building on Research Drive! We are so happy to be here!

A Message from the Billing Staff

As of August 2017, all patients who have a high deductible plan will be required to pay $50 upfront for their appointments (with the exception of annual physicals and nurse visits). We have found that if patients wait for the bill to come it becomes a burden to pay a large bill all at once.  By enacting this new policy and paying this portion of the bill at the time of the visit, we are hoping it will help our patients significantly offset the future cost.

Your statements are available to view on your patient portal and, as always, you may call our billing department to discuss this. You can pay with a card online or over the phone, with a check in the mail, via PayPal on our website, or with card/cash/check in the office.

Thank you for your understanding.

Latest Happenings at AFP

Introduction to Exercise!

Are you motivated to start moving, but don’t know where to begin? Have you been out of practice for awhile? Are you having trouble making exercise goals and knowing what is the best approach for you?

Turn over a new leaf with Jessica Jimison FNP-C and Anne Ye MSPT!

Introduction to Exercise is a basic education program designed to teach the foundations of exercise through hands-on practice. The goal is to get up and get moving…safely. You will learn:

  • Why you do each exercise
  • How to get the most out of what you’re doing
  • When to make each exercise harder, and when to make it easier
  • How to adapt each exercise to accommodate existing issues
  • To push yourself using clear, reasonable parameters.

This is a beginner to intermediate level class, and the perfect introduction to Watch Your Back! Healthy Back Class. Interested in signing up, or dropping by for a session? Call the Front Desk at (413) 549-8400 to learn more!

Watch Your Back!

Are you concerned with your (lack of) core strength? Do you have a lot of lower back pain from poor posture? Tired of debilitating/recurring back pain? Looks like you better…


Join Jessica Jimison FNP-C and Anne Ye MSPT’s motivated back and core strengthening class! You will learn how to…

  • Build and maintain healthy core strength and prevent future injury
  • Reduce lower back pain
  • Improve posture and stabilize postural support muscles
  • Use breath to help relax the nervous system and access deeper core muscles
  • Utilize the core to optimize functional activity and body mechanics

This small class provides unique attention from a seasoned physical therapist and nurse practitioner, and will help you pave the way to independence from back pain. Each participant will get a customized regimen specific to their own medical need. Watch Your Back! Is not a drop in class; It runs in eight week sessions, and participants must be able to commit to good attendance

Call the Front Desk at (413) 549-8400 to learn more!

TMS: Alternative Depression Treatment

Do symptoms from depression interfere with your every day life? Are you dissatisfied with results from your antidepressants, or do the side effects worry you? Have you tried 2-4+ different anti-depressant treatments, and had unsatisfactory results?

Then TMS Therapy may be the right choice for you!

TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) is the first and only FDA Approved treatment for depression that does not require surgery or medication, and is safe and effective. TMS has had extensive research to back it up at several major medical research universities, and the only side effect is slight scalp discomfort during the actual procedure. Dr. Kate says,

“I am so excited to have a non-pharmaceutical treatment right here in the office for people suffering from depression. The studies using TMS technologies fill me with optimism, and I’m looking forward to a brighter future!”

Read more on our blog!

Functional Medicine

Does a science-based approach to wellness that utilizes the body’s natural healing mechanisms and the latest in findings appeal to you?

Then you might want to try a Functional Medicine consult!

Functional Medicine is a customized and comprehensive approach to wellness that is scientifically based, addressing your health concerns by supporting your body’s natural healing mechanisms on a cellular level. Functional Medicine uses the latest understanding in genetic research, optimizes the body’s metabolic pathways, and addresses the underlying dysfunctions of the body that lead to symptoms and disease. At AFP, we take the time it takes to:

  • Review extensive life history through the use of labs, questionnaire, conversation, and medical records
  • Review existing labs and order in-depth labs to assess current biochemical status
  • Create a comprehensive and rich plan
  • Identify triggers and mediating events
  • Find the correct path to wellness without taking shortcuts
  • Work within insurance so that all patients benefit (most Functional Medicine clinics are cash only)

The Functional Medicine journey can take anywhere from 6-24 months. The Functional Medicine program at AFP addresses deep, complex imbalances that have developed over a lifetime, so developing a plan requires multiple visits. Improvements are subtle, and take time. Lab results are discussed in-depth and in-person; There is simply too much information to convey over the phone!

Interested in learning more, or scheduling your first Functional Medicine appointment? Call the Front Desk at (413) 549-8400 today!


Latest News from the Office

So you just saw one of our lovely providers, and they told you that they sent a prescription to the pharmacy. When you call the pharmacy to confirm, the pharmacist has no clue what you’re talking about! They try to tell you AFP never sent the prescription over, and that we are at fault. Undoubtedly, confusion, rage, and hopelessness muddles your head, and you begin to lose faith. Who should you believe?

There are several plausible reasons as to why the pharmacy tech could have told you they never received the rx…

  1. They haven’t checked the fax machine recently.
  2. The insurance denied the prescription.
  3. The pharmacist had questions about the prescription and didn’t want to release it without speaking to the provider first.
  4. They have been too busy to check the prescriptions left on the pharmacy voicemail, which is supposed to be checked every hour.

Please don’t sadly leave the pharmacy thinking your AFP provider has let you down! While we – both the pharmacists AND the AFP staff – are only human and it’s certainly possible the mistake was on our end, that’s rarely the case. Have faith in us to check into your situation further!

Have you switched up your insurance in the New Year? Or ever? If so, we need to know!

Whenever your insurance changes, please notify us. If the information we have for you is incorrect it takes MUCH longer for services you need – such as prior authorizations, referrals, and imaging – to go through because they can’t be approved with old info.

Any questions? Give us a call at 413-549-8400 and we’d be happy to talk to you about it. Thanks a bunch for your cooperation!

(January 15, 2016)

Beginning July 1, 2012, it is illegal to dispose of any sharp needles in Massachusetts landfills.

This means you can no longer throw out sharps in your household trash.

What do I do?!

1. Purchase a Sharps container at either the Amherst Health Department or the Amherst Transfer station (cost of container includes disposal when returned to an Amherst facility)


2. Fill the Sharps Container with used needles and syringes.

3. Return the full box of Sharps to one of the following locations:

Amherst Health Department
Bangs Community Center – 1st Floor (70 Boltwood Walk, Amherst MA 01002)
9 am – 12 pm


Amherst Transfer Station
740 Belchertown Road, Amherst MA 01002
Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday 8 am – 2 pm

Please direct all questions to the Amherst Health Department at 413-259-3077

July 1, 2012

Atkinson Family Practice offers cutting-edge, integrative, evidence-based care with a personal, warm, whole-family approach.

Patient Testimonials

Everything from the atmosphere to the front desk staff to the medical professionals and even the furry Nurse Ginger (a therapy dog) is top notch. Dr. Kate is an excellent doctor who runs a fantastic practice that really cares about its patients. Many doctors turn their backs on chronically ill patients out of frustration. As a person who was diagnosed with chronic intractable migraines over 12 years ago, I can truly say that Dr. Kate and Company have never given up on me, making appointments available to me on short-notice during migraine attacks, negotiating with my insurance company regarding various treatments, working well with other specialists on my team, and always offering up a healthy dose of empathy and compassion. Their integrative approach to healthcare is refreshing and helpful. These folks begin to feel like family, their office like a medical home. Even if I eventually re-locate from the Valley someday, I suspect I’ll commute back for appointments if at all possible. I give AFP my highest recommendation.
When I walk into AFP I’m with trusted friends who holistically want what’s best for my health. Sometimes medicine is the answer but other times nutrition or mindfulness or therapy answers were best.

With these services and a lab right in the fabulous Atkinson Building, getting all the health care I need is convenient. Best of all Dr Kate is an awesome human being. She is pragmatic and caring and a real delight to be around.

Our community is so lucky to have Dr Kate’s practice filling the void where massive medical conglomerates have wiped out most local family doctor’s offices. It’s not an easy role to fill these days but Kate is tireless and driven to make a difference in patients’ lives.
Being cared for at this practice is a blessing to our family and we are very thankful. We are always compassionately cared for by the entire staff! Thank you especially to Dr. Kate and Miranda!!
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