Providers and Practitioners

Dr. Kate Atkinson, MD, PC

Dr. Kate received her medical degree at UMass Medical School in 1996 and completed her Family Medicine Residency at UMass in Worcester. She began her career as a Registered Nurse in California, having received her BSN from California State University in Los Angeles. Her work in Oncology and Hospice spurred her interest to transition to medicine from nursing.
Dr. Kate is a Fellow of the American Academy of Family Physicians, and is Board-Certified by the American Board of Family Physicians.

Kate and her husband Steve live in Amherst—their 4 kids are growing up much too quickly. You can often see her family performing in local theatrical productions, dancing or playing Ultimate. In her free time Dr Kate loves Zumba and crossword puzzles. Doctor Kate can be reached via e-mail at

Nora Schwartz-Martin, MD

Nora was trained in psychiatry at New England Medical Center Cambridge Health Alliance, and Harvard University Student Services, and received training at Boston Psychoanalytic Association. She has extensive training psychopharmacology and emergency psychiatry.

The opportunity to work at an integrative medical practice AND raise her family in the town she grew up in was too good to be true, so Nora joined the AFP team about three years ago. She believes she definitely made the right decision. Nora and her husband are the proud parents of two special needs teenagers, and their many talents continue to amaze them every day. In her free time, Nora loves skiing and swimming with her boys, and escaping the chaos of everyday life with her husband for date nights at the movies.

Charles Milch, MHP, MBA, PA-C

Charles has been a National board certified physician assistant since 1995 and has a background in engineering and information systems as well as business. Charles is also the chair/program director and assistant professor of Physicians Assistant Studies at Springfield College

Katelyn Dutkiewicz, PA-C

Katelyn earned her BA in psychology from Smith College and graduated from Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Science with a PA degree. She realized early on her path was leading her to Family Medicine.

Miranda Tsoumas, PA-C

Miranda graduated from the Springfield College Physician Assistant Program, and her Bachelor’s from Springfield College. Primary care has been a long dream of hers, and she loves building lasting relationships with her patients. Miranda can be reached at

Jessica Jimison, FNP-C

Jessica was raised in Amherst, grew up as a landscaper, and got her Bachelor’s degree in Biology from UMass Amherst. She got her Master’s in Nursing from Boston College and worked as a Nurse Practitioner on the Fort Peck Indian Reservation in Wolf Point, Montana. She joined AFP in 2016 with nine years of experience in family practice. In addition to the scientific side of medicine, Jessica loves the art of working with individuals, meeting people where they are, and empowering people to care for their healthJessica lives with her daughter and loves taking walks and road trips, pruning in the landscape, and drinking tea by a fireplace with friends. Jessica is working through the process of becoming certified in Functional Medicine through the Institute of Functional Medicine.

Hope Lounsbury, PA-C

Hope began working at Atkinson Family Practice in July 2017. She is a graduate of the Springfield College Physician Assistant program, where she studied under the instruction of Charles Milch. She earned her BA from Tufts in Psychology, and shares AFP’s idealism for integrative and collaborative medical/behavioral care.

Greg Petrosky, Ed. D

Greg received his doctorate from Boston University where he focused on developmental studies and counseling. He has extensive training in both clinical psychology and sport psychology. He and his wife served in the Peace Corps before settling in Western Massachusetts. He has been practicing as a licensed Psychologist in this area since 1995. In addition to the development of programs and consultations to schools, Greg provides individual, family, and group psychotherapy serving children, adolescents, and adults. With use of behavioral, cognitive, and family techniques he seeks create a supportive therapeutic environment that examines each member’s readiness for growth and builds upon their individual and collective strengths. Some specific areas of interest include working with people who are struggling with concerns about their bodies and weight. He enjoys helping people understand the relationship between food and psychological health. He also works with athletes, students, and professionals interested in strengthening their psychological skills as a means to improve performance.

Fatemeh Giahi, PhD RD LDC CLT

Fatemeh has certificates of training in child, adolescent, and adult weight management. She is a certified LEAP therapist. She also provides medical nutrition therapy for patients who have dietary health concerns, such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease, digestive disorders, and food sensitivity. Dr. Giahi believes it is her job to help you eat the right foods to stay healthy and active. Good nutrition is vital to a healthy lifestyle and is essential in the prevention of many chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. She is a registered dietitian and a licensed nutritionist with a PhD in Nutrition from the University of Massachusetts in Amherst. She has taught courses in nutrition and health in Amherst for many years and has two certificates of training in adult weight management and child/adolescent weight management from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Another area of her expertise is digestive health. She works with clients with all kinds of digestive issues including IBS, IBDs and food allergies.

Patience Meigs Bousel, CSE, CTP, LMT

Patience has been involved in the field of natural health for over 25 years. Her work uses gentle techniques to provide deep, long-lasting relief from pain, tension, and stress. She is a certified practitioner of Clinical Somatic Education and The Trager® Approach, as well as a Licensed Massage Therapist, providing Kripalu Bodywork and therapeutic massage. Patience has an eclectic background, having studied French and Art History at Bryn Mawr College followed by music school and training as a piano and harpsichord technician. She and her husband lived in Quebec for 20 years where they raised three children and a few dogs, and where Patience embarked on her study and practice of holistic health. Personal challenges led her to the study of oriental medicine and whole foods with a certification as a Natural Health Educator. With her current focus of Somatic education, she loves helping to empower her clients to find new possibilities for physical freedom and lasting change.

Wendy Chabot, MD, FAAP

Dr. Wendy Chabot, M.D. is a pediatrician, health and wellness coach, and instructor of mindfulness based stress reduction. With a strong commitment to health risk reduction and lifestyle interventions, she has received additional training in cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia and smoking cessation.

Deb Ellis, MSPT, NCS

Deb is a clinical specialist in neurologic physical therapy with over 20 years of experience in a wide variety of practice settings treating people with both neurologic and orthopedic medical issues. Her current clinical focus is on treating people with acute and chronic neurologic or neuromuscular challenges including needs in the areas of balance, mobility training and functional strengthening. Additional practice encompasses group work in the specialty areas of Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Osteoporosis and chronic Pain.

Anne Belt Ye, MSPT

Anne Belt Ye is an Orthopedic physical therapist who received her Masters of Science degree from Columbia University. Anne’s 12 years as a PT began in pediatrics in the NYC public schools, she then switched into outpatients orthopedics and has worked in private practices or hospital settings. Anne pursues further education through Continuing Education classes, and has an extensive background in dance, figure skating, Pilates, Yoga, tennis and Ultimate Frisbee. Her passion in PT is to help individuals achieve a healthy spine and better awareness of their body mechanics through functional stability and strength. She is excited to continue her work as the PT instructor in the Atkinson Building!



Peter Wood, LICSW

Change is opportunity…and just because we don’t see the answer doesn’t mean it’s not there. Therapy may take a variety of paths depending the goals of the person seeking help. Peter has over 20 years of experience providing treatment for people who have had the wisdom to recognize a problem and the courage to ask for help to improve his/her quality of life. Peter works with individuals of all ages, couples, families and facilitates a group for people in recovery Thursdays 6:30 to 7:30 at the Atkinson Family Practice. Peter has worked extensively with people experiencing challenges with anxiety, mood, thinking and substance use. He has a contagious love of learning with humility and innovation. You can reach Peter by phone at (413) 253-4094, or by e-mail at

Chaia Wolf, LICSW

Chaia is trained in Psychodynamic, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, EMDR, Mindfulness, Clinical Hypnosis and various meditation techniques.  She has been a therapist helping individuals, couples and families transform their lives since 1997. She specializes in helping couples deepen and enrich their relationships, and parent more effectively. She provides the Stress Management Program, which helps individuals manage anxiety by developing healthy habits and positive solutions. She also provides a Women’s Holistic Health Program, supporting pre/postpartum women, women grieving pregnancy and other losses and women diagnosed with cancer and other health concerns.

In her spare time, you can find her enjoying the trails, either on foot or cross-country skiing with my amazing family and new puppy.  In the summer time, she is either paddling in her kayak, picking blueberries in Maine, immersing herself (and family!) into new cultures, or just spending time laughing, playing cards, being in the community, and breathing deeply.  Her website can be found at, and she can be reached via e-mail at, or phone at (413) 253 – 4094.

Evan Shopper, LICSW

Evan earned his degree from the Smith School of Social Work, and provides a compassionate, safe, and non-judgmental atmosphere to help his clients better understand themselves and those things which create suffering in their lives. He has an honest, straightforward approach, and is warm and respectful of his clients’ struggles and strengths. Believing that everyone is affected by past experiences and relationships, Evan helps others understand how these experiences affect them so that they can find healthier ways of living.While Evan works with adults, he also specializes in working with adolescents/children. He has experience treating people with trauma and abuse, complex relationship issues, and parenting challenges. When working with children, he collaborates closely with parents and guardians to support them and their specific family needs, and also works with Spanish-speaking parents. Evan can be reached on his confidential line at (413) 835-1593

Nancy Simons

Nancy is an EMDR trained trauma therapist. She was trained in this area because it brings together the recent understandings we have gained in brain research, the practicality of stress management technique and the wisdom of various spiritual teachings. Nancy specializes in working with children and adolescents and uses a variety of creative interventions for the treatment of anxiety, depression and other behavioral issues that may have resulted from trauma or loss. She has extensive experience working with adoptive families and their children.

Additionally, Nancy works with adults to investigate the relationship between their physical health and emotional health and to apply therapy towards developing a greater sense of well being in their lives. She is also available to provide treatment to those individuals who are experiencing medically related trauma symptoms.

Ginger Atkinson, Therapy Dog

My name is Ginger and I am Dr Kate’s Certified Therapy Dog! All this means is that I really like to make people feel better by encouraging you to pat me and rub my belly. I was originally in a shelter in Tennessee and was going to be put–down but a volunteer from Labs4Rescue discovered how sweet I was and rescued me at the last moment. Boy, am I happy they did! I’m an older lady, and slowing down, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love every minute I spend at AFP with my beloved coworkers and patients. If, for ANY reason, you don’t want to have a dog around you, please just let the staff know. I’m more than happy to spend my day in the back room napping in my dog bed and cozying up to the workers behind the desk! After all… they know where the treats are.

Loki Atkinson, Therapy Dog

I am a newer dog to the Atkinson family. I became an Atkinson in 2015 and I still have my puppy personality, but I’m VERY gentle and LOVE to be patted. I may even try to lick your face! I am a chocolate Lab Mix and I was a stray adopted through Labs4Rescue like my best friend, Ginger, so no one knows much about my history. If you ever hear me bark don’t be concerned…I only want treats or to go outside! Just like Ginger I have no qualms about staying behind the desk to bother the AFP office workers or sprawl out in the Provider’s Office, so please let anyone who works here know if you’re uncomfortable around or allergic to dogs and they’ll make sure I stay in the back!

Clinical Staff

Shannon Turgeon, Clinical Supervisor

Shannon comes to us after spending four years at Riverbend Medical Group, where she worked with Jessica Jimison. Shannon oversees all of clinical, the medical assistants, staff, and patient rooms. You might remember her because her favorite part about AFP is rooming patients and getting to work with them one-on-one! She loves that AFP is warmer and more personable than traditional doctors offices, and she feels the providers/staff truly care about their patients. And the dogs aren’t bad, either! She has an associate’s in Criminal Justice from Greenfield Community College, and is currently working on her Bachelors in Human Services at Southern New Hampshire University.

Karis Condry - Case Manager, LPN

Karis started at AFP in 2013 as an LPN, and is very close to finishing her education to become a Registered Nurse. She has served as head of clinical in the past, and currently is the case manager. In her spare time, she likes to jet ski, watch documentaries about Big Foot, spend time with her son Weston, and prepare for Christmas.

Emily Rhoades, LPN

Emily is an LPN and went to school in Louisiana for her licensure. She is married with two kids and four grandchildren. She has worked long term as a charge nurse for about 25 years, so AFP is a nice change of pace. In her spare time, Emily likes to do triathalons, bike, garden, run, quilt, kayak, hike, fish, and go to the beach.

Liz Gelotte, MA, Medical Scribe

Elizabeth recently graduated from the University of Massachusetts Amherst where she studied biology. She worked at Northampton Pediatrics, and is working on applying to nursing school to become a family nurse practitioner. If you’ve ever taken a class at AFP or had an appointment with Jessica Jimison (who Liz scribes for), then you most likely know Liz! Her favorite part about working with patients is getting to hear all kinds of stories from all walks of life. In her spare time, Liz likes to go hiking and snowboarding.

Hannah Muszynski, Scribe

Hannah has unique credentials. Originally from Amherst, she pursued a double Bachelor’s in Economics and Philosophy at Mount Holyoke. She went on to attend the University of Chicago Law School, but decided to start a family in lieu of a legal career. She has worked as a peer lactation counselor and facilitator for MotherWoman postpartum support groups, and is going back to school for her second Bachelor’s in Nursing. She would like to become a certified OB Nurse, and perhaps a certified nurse midwife. In her spare time, Hannah enjoys knitting, cooking, and babywearing. Sometimes you can see her around the office with her youngest strapped to her! Hannah likes that AFP is so human-centered, and loves helping Miranda provide excellent care for all of our patients.

Will Johnson, MA

Will was born on Long Island, and went to the University of Massachusetts, Amherst to study Biochemistry. He hopes to go to medical school in the future as he is passionate about medicine and wants to have a lifelong career in it. He has been at AFP for since 2013 and thrives off the friendly atmosphere, as well as getting to work with not only our amazing patients, but also our supportive coworkers. His experiences here are laying the groundwork for his future career in medicine.

Jordan Conrad, Medical Scribe

Jordan is a Medical Scribe/Assistant who often works with Charles. She is a recent graduate of Fitchburg State University where she earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology. Her favorite part about working at AFP is getting to work with and help all of our wonderful patients, and is interested in going to PA school in the future. When she’s not at AFP, Jordan likes to spend time with her family and pets, do outdoor activities, and drawing/ceramics.

Jake Summers, Medical Assistant

Jake recently graduated from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst with a double major in Biology and Psychology. Jake started at AFP in 2016 as a TMS Technician and Scanner, and has progressed to Medical Scribe. He hopes to attend medical school in the future, with a focus in neurology. In his spare time, Jake can be found at the beach or playing with dogs.

Front Desk & Office

Linda Hegarty, Office Manager

Linda has been with the Atkinson Family Practice since June 2009.  She loves the local community and has lived in Belchertown the past 20 years with her husband Patrick raising their six “amazing” children. She feels that the best part of her job is chatting with our patients and making sure they come in the door with a smile and leave just as happy! Above all, her family is her number one priority and loves the time she spends with them.  Enjoys a good book, the sunshine and a great glass of wine!  Writing is her passion and in her blood.  Her late father was a published novelist and poet.  She someday hopes to follow in his footsteps by publishing a novel herself.

Kaitlin Bean, Front Desk Supervisor

Kaitlin grew up in Florence MA with her 3 brothers, father, and mother. After graduating from Northampton High School, she took a year off from school to decide what she wanted to do. This led her to the Porter and Chester Institute for the Administrative Health Specialist Program. Kaitlin and her husband, Jordan, have one daughter, Madison. Kaitlin is currently attending school to get a BA in Human Resource Management. She always has a smile on her face, and loves to laugh. In her spare time, she enjoys working on vehicles, playing with her dog,  and spending time with her loved ones.

Lisa Elliot, Receptionist

Lisa is a Holyoke native who came to AFP after 9 years in document digitization and preservation. She’s a graduate of Porter & Chester, and is now going to school for Addiction Studies. She has 5 beautiful daughters (3 of which are feline), and loves to run when she can find the time.

Nicole Smigiel, Receptionist

Bio Coming Soon!

Sara Goodhind, Receptionist

Bio Coming Soon!

Kim Rose, TMS Coordinator and Lead Scanner

Kim Rose started out at AFP as a scanner, and has since taken on the responsibilities of TMS Technician and Coordinator. Kim is an integral part in the TMS process.

Ginger Goldsbury, Driver

Ginger comes to AFP after a 30 year career at UMASS as an Associate Director in the Career Center.  She enjoyed working with people, giving work shop presentations, coordinating events and career counseling. 

She is not one to sit idle after retirement and continues working with the public now as our driver. Her smiling face and inquisitive nature was a perfect choice to represent us as an extension of our office. Ginger primarily drives for us on Mondays in our 2012 Toyota Hybrid Prius. In her free time she enjoys playing golf and traveling.

Billing & Back Office

Jessica Hawley, Billing Supervisor

Jessica began her career with AFP in September 2015 and leads a team providing all aspects of billing, including insurance questions, coding and payments. She holds a CPC certification through the AAPC and has over 8 years of experience in healthcare, billing, and coding. Jessica and her husband, Bryan, have a beautiful daughter, Kaitlyn, and a gorgeous Maremma sheepdog named Luna. She enjoys spending quality time with her family and deer hunting on their property in Russell.

Cheri Couture, Billing

Cheri worked for many years in the manufacturing world before she changed career paths and joined the medical field. She has an Associate’s Degree in Business Management and is also a Certified Medical Assistant. She has been here at Atkinson Family Practice since 2011 when she started in Clinical and now works in Billing.
Cheri was born and brought up in Ware, where she continues to live with her husband Terry and their three fur-baby boxers: Zeus, Zeena, and Tytus. Her children, grandchildren, dad and siblings all live in the area and play an important part in her “family oriented” life.
Any free time she can find is spent developing spiritually; creating specialty woodworking projects; taking pictures of nature/people/animals; shooting archery; and relaxing by reading, crocheting, and scrapbooking.
Cheri’s life experiences have taught her to forever seek out the good in life and the beauty in each day…laugh often and enjoy creation, appreciate the magic. One of her favorite quotes is from Wayne Dyer…”Everything that has happened to you is either an opportunity to grow or an obstacle to prevent you from growing…YOU get to choose!!”