Integrative Family Care

Atkinson Family Practice is an Amherst-based family medical home. We balance a science-based approach to health and wellness with an attitude of fun, compassion, and openness. Here, you’re more than just a patient—you’re part of our family. We feel that we have built something special and are looking forward to caring for you and yours. Let us tell you more about ourselves and our policies regarding our partnerships with patients seeking their best health. You can find more info about our policies here!

A Letter to our Patients with High Deductible Plans

We are currently accepting patients for TMS therapy - a revolutionary treatment for depression that is FDA approved, non-invasive, and non-drug. If you're interested in TMS, please don't hesitate to call or email. To learn more, take a look at our page for TMS Treatment or visit our Facebook page.

News and Announcements

Patient Applications

Due to a high volume of applicants, we are temporarily de-activating our online waiting list. Our front desk is working very hard to schedule patients so spots will continue to open but we cannot provide any more information about wait time at the moment. We WILL make an exception for newborns as these appointments are extremely time sensitive. Thank you for your patience, we will update the website when we know more.

Flu Season is Coming!
INSURANCE UPDATE: We will soon Accept Neighborhood Health Plan! 

Effective before January of 2019, we will be accepting Neighborhood Health Plan in our office. This update only applies to private policy holders (which includes Cooley Dickinson Hospital's sponsored health plan employees). This DOES NOT include Neighborhood Health Plan members through MassHealth.

Unsure if this applies to you? Please call or email our office with any questions or concerns about your plan.



Latest Happenings at AFP

Mindful Eating Fall Session – now open to non AFP patients!

Functional Medicine: We’re Expanding!

With help from Fatemeh, our dietitian and Greg, our psychologist, our 6 week Mindful Eating workshop will get you on track to a healthier, happier you!

No fancy diets, just good food from the start...

This is your chance to develop mindful habits to lose and maintain weight.

  • Work with a Nutritionist and Therapist to understand all aspects related to food
  • Learn to become fully aware of the eating process
  • Find satisfaction with correct portions and stop cravings
  • Learn how to change eating habits
  • Understand hunger cues
  • Learn how to make healthy recipes and how to meal prep
  • Understand the relationship between food and your mood

Fall session classes are on Wednesdays evenings, dates are not yet determined. Please check in again soon or follow us on Facebook for more frequent updates!

*Workshops are covered by most insurances with co-pay. Non- AFP patients will pay $50 per workshop, sliding scale fees can be available. 

Are you interested in a science-based approach to wellness that utilizes the body's natural healing mechanisms?

Then you might want to try a Functional Medicine consult!

Functional Medicine is a customized and comprehensive approach to wellness that is scientifically based, addressing your health concerns by supporting your body's natural healing mechanisms on a cellular level. Functional Medicine uses the latest understanding in genetic research, optimizes the body's metabolic pathways, and addresses the underlying dysfunctions of the body that lead to symptoms and disease. At AFP, we take the time it takes to:

  • Review extensive life history through the use of labs, questionnaire, conversation, and medical records
  • Review existing labs and order in-depth labs to assess current biochemical status
  • Create a comprehensive and rich plan
  • Identify triggers and mediating events
  • Find the correct path to wellness without taking shortcuts
  • Work within insurance so that all patients benefit (most Functional Medicine clinics are cash only)

The Functional Medicine journey can take anywhere from 6-24 months. The Functional Medicine program at AFP addresses deep, complex imbalances that have developed over a lifetime, so developing a plan requires multiple visits. Improvements are subtle, and take time. Lab results are discussed in-depth and in-person; There is simply too much information to convey over the phone!

Interested in learning more, or scheduling your first Functional Medicine appointment? Call the Front Desk at (413) 549-8400 today!


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Xymogen and Moss Nutrition– Please call the Office at (413) 549-8400 to ask your provider for access to Xymogen and Moss Nutrition products

We’re trying to make ordering supplements easier and more efficient! Use the links above to order the supplements recommended for you. If you need specific supplement recommendations, please meet with your provider.

A Message from the Billing Staff

As of August 2017, all patients who have a high deductible plan will be required to pay $50 upfront for their appointments (with the exception of annual physicals and nurse visits). We have found that if patients wait for the bill to come it becomes a burden to pay a large bill all at once.  By enacting this new policy and paying this portion of the bill at the time of the visit, we are hoping it will help our patients significantly offset the future cost.

Your statements are available to view on your patient portal and, as always, you may call our billing department to discuss this. You can pay with a card online or over the phone, with a check in the mail, via PayPal on our website, or with card/cash/check in the office.

Thank you for your understanding.

Latest News from the Office

Patient Testimonials

“When I walk into AFP I’m with trusted friends who holistically want what’s best for my health. Sometimes medicine is the answer but other times nutrition or mindfulness or therapy answers were best. With these services and a lab right in the fabulous Atkinson Building, getting all the health care I need is convenient.

Best of all Dr Kate is an awesome human being. She is pragmatic and caring and a real delight to be around. Our community is so lucky to have Dr Kate’s practice filling the void where massive medical conglomerates have wiped out most local family doctor’s offices.”

Atkinson Family Practice offers cutting-edge, integrative, evidence-based care with a personal, warm, whole-family approach.