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Atkinson Family Practice is your medical home. Located in Amherst and now Northampton, we balance a science-based approach to health and wellness with an attitude of fun, compassion, and openness. Here, you’re more than just a patient—you’re part of our family. We feel that we have built something special and are looking forward to caring for you and yours. Let us tell you more about ourselves and our policies regarding our partnerships with patients seeking their best health. You can find more info about our policies here!

We have Telehealth Visits. Whenever possible we are happy to accommodate patients by scheduling visits remotely. The link to connect with your provide once an appointment has been made is here: TELEVISIT LINK.  Feel free to ask for more information!

Atkinson Family Practice now has an email dedicated for any referral related questions and comments.  Please defer all referral related messages to referrals@

We are also making ordering Supplements easier and more efficient!  Click here to go to our Functional Medicine page.  Here you will see specific links to order the supplements that have been recommended for you.  If you need specific supplement recommendations, please meet with your provider.

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For some helpful charts about the Covid-19 Vaccine, visit our Covid-19 Resource Page.



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Atkinson Family Practice offers cutting-edge, integrative, evidence-based care with a personal, warm, whole-family approach.