AFP Welcomes New Provider Jenna Gigliotti – PA

Atkinson Family Practice (AFP) would like to welcome our new Physician Assistant, Jenna Gigliotti, to our stellar team of medical providers.  Originally from Trafford, Pennsylvania, she completed her Physician Assistant Studies at Duquesne University in 2016 and holds both a Bachelors and a Masters from the University.  Along with her degrees, Jenna holds a certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition from Cornell University. She is also board certified in Lifestyle Medicine from the American College of Lifestyle Medicine.

Jenna is excited to join AFP as it is an environment where she will be more able to help people improve their health through lifestyle changes.  “I believe all types of medicine have their place, but that many health problems are best remedied by changes in diet, exercise, sleep, and stress management” said Jenna. “AFP is a leader in true healthcare, with their emphasis on health promotion and disease prevention through the comprehensive and integrative medical home they offer.”  It is one of Jenna’s dreams to work with patients individually and in groups alongside a team of caring, passionate, and knowledgeable providers.

Jenna brings a unique perspective to educating patients about the importance of eating well, being active, managing stress, getting adequate sleep, and maintaining healthy relationships.  “My goal is to educate, motivate, and support patients on their journey, allowing them to implement lasting changes to have the best quality of life they can.” She comes to AFP with a desire to play a role in shifting not just our healthcare system, but also our society away from the habit of treating symptoms.  Instead, Jenna wants to shift towards identifying and addressing the root causes, but ideally, preventing chronic disease altogether.

Jenna eagerly attends lectures and conferences annually, to continue to grow her knowledge, improve her skills, and be the most effective provider she can.  Currently living in South Amherst, you can often find her running on trails, competing in local races, hiking, playing with dogs, vegetable gardening, cooking plant-based meals, practicing yoga, and reading when she is not providing care at AFP.  Jenna will be joining us in mid-April, welcome Jenna to the practice!

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