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Learn About Liz’s Health Coach Journey

For three years, Liz Gelotte has been working as one of Atkinson Family Practice’s Medical Scribes, working in the Functional Medicine Suite. With a new goal in mind, Liz has been receiving her health coach training through the internationally accredited Functional Medicine Coaching Academy.

Liz has never heard of a health coach until Jessica Jimison, NP, IFMCP mentioned it.  She decided to research it more and “after looking into it further, I realized how beneficial health coaches could be in our healthcare system.” Unlike a primary care provider, health coaches can hold longer more frequent sessions for the patient. This allows the coach and the patient to develop a relationship where they are working together to create a wellness plan.

Working under Jessica, she has been able to use her new skills to help patients achieve their wellness goals.  “I hope to assist patients with integrating their provider’s recommendations into their lives. Everyone has different goals when it comes to wellness.” Liz says that she will meet with all patients at, regardless of their health conditions, to create a concrete plan for their wellness journey.  An example may include implementing the Mito Food Plan into a patient’s life.

The goal after the training is to assist patients in any aspect of a patient’s health management. Including topics such as positive psychology, motivational interviewing, character strengths, functional nutrition, digestion, mind-body medicine, exercise, immunology, endocrinology, energy/mitochondria, and detoxification.  

Liz will be finishing up the program in August at which time she will sit for the board exam.  Once she passes the exam, she will be designated as a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC). After receiving her health coach certification, Liz will be able to assist patients with their unique health needs.

-Alex LaMarche, AFP Communication Coordinator

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