Welcome Allison Marino! AFP NoHo’s new clinical massage therapist

Atkinson Family Practice welcomes Allison Marino, LMT, Clinical Massage Therapist to the new AFP NOHO office. She brings many years of experience in healthcare having worked with patients of all ages, from professional athletes to the elderly. 

Allison is committed to making her patient’s visits accessible and comfortable to all. She provides care for those of any orientation, gender-expression, color, or creed. Allison values each client’s unique, individual needs and is happy to make accommodations for a client’s well-being and comfort.

Allison explains, “Our bodies tell the stories of our lives. How we live in them, the things we like to do, hobbies, jobs, physical activity or inactivity, how we sit in our favorite chairs or rest, even. Clinical massage will hone in on tension in the body that prevents proper movement in order to keep the soft tissues in the body sliding and gliding well so we can move efficiently and pain free.

Dysfunctional movement becomes chronic and ages with us so it’s important to move well and train smart. For example, a receptionist sitting all day will create different body patterns than a cameraman who stands all day. As a massage therapist, “you have to listen and take in everything that they are experiencing. You have to pick up on personalities.” Allison explains that a clinical massage therapist will focus on specific goals with their client, getting down to the root causes of pain. Often  pain comes from very simple patterns that repeat all day long.”

Allison said that she has been drawn to clinical work when it comes to her massage therapy treatments.  Ever since she moved to Northampton, Mass., she has been looking for the right job and found it at AFP: NoHo. “It’s really awesome how Dr. Kate [Atkinson] integrates a well-rounded approach to her practice. Like offering this [massage therapy] to her patients is very special. It’s an important part of health and is over looked in many medical practices.”

AFP has a history of endorsing bodywork as an integral part of collaborative medical care: Allison in our Northampton office, Patience Bousel, CSE, CTP, LMT and Haiying Conover, LMT in our Amherst office. Having Massage Therapy under the same roof makes it easier for providers to communicate crucial information to each other, creating the best treatment for the patient.

Originally from the Berkshires, Allison enjoys playing bass guitar, the arts, and likes a balance of work hard and play hard. Allison holds an Associate’s degree in Physical Fitness from Berkshire Community College in Pittsfield, Mass. She worked as a fitness instructor and personal trainer for 8 years in the Berkshires. She then got her massage therapy training at the Cortiva Institute in Boston, Mass., along with many certifications over the years.

AFP recently hosted a ribbon cutting at the new Northampton Office on June 9th, 2019.  AFP NOHO will officially open its doors on June 17th, 2019.

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