Women’s Health, Prenatal/Postpartum, Newborn, Pediatric, and Teen Care – YES! We do it all!


At AFP, we offer Women's Health, Prenatal/ Postpartum, Newborn, Pediatric, and Teen Care. We pride ourselves on the support we provide to you and your family as you bring your baby into the world. Our care includes everything from maternity mental health, nutrition support, in home lactation consultation and newborn care to support groups and workshops revolving around pregnancy, parenting, and more.  Additionally, we have expertise in supporting families who are experiencing pregnancy loss and infertility.

If you are a patient with us or are considering starting care with us during your pregnancy, please schedule a “meet and greet” visit to learn more. New patients will need to fill out our online new patient packet. We provide prenatal, newborn, and pediatric care at both our Amherst and Northampton offices.


In addition to our experienced primary care providers and psychiatric professionals, we have several specialists who offer unique supports for families at various stages of the life cycle.

  • FOR MORE INFORMATION, CONTACT CHAIA WOLF, LICSW - Emotional support and maternal health education for pregnancy and postpartum period, and those undergoing fertility treatments, grieving from a pregnancy loss or struggling with the decision to become a parent. (see below for more about Chaia)
  • MEET NORA LYNN HOLLAND, MSN, RNC-MNN, IBCLC, HN-BC – in home lactation support (see below for more about Nora)
    • MEET EVAN SHOPPER, LICSW – emotional support for parenting challenges through group medical visits (see below for more about Evan)
    • MEET JASON POTASH, DC, LMT -- offering gentle conservative care throughout pregnancy (see below for more about Jason) 




    We offer a variety of group medical visits, series, and support groups at Atkinson Family Practice. Listed below are some recent examples.  Visit our homepage for the latest schedule.

    ADULT SLEEP WORKSHOP--Learn about the function of sleep, the physiological control of sleep, and how best to enjoy the innumerable benefits of good sleep. Led by Chaia Wolf.

    BODY KINDNESS COMMUNITY --A monthly supportive group led by Amanda Mittman, MS, RDN, LDN. Each month you will discuss topics designed to foster body respect and improve body image. This is a safe space for people of ALL size bodies.

    INFANT SLEEP WORKSHOP -- Learn about important and healthy sleep habits for your infant. Led by Chaia Wolf.

    OPEN HEARTED FAMILY SERIES--If you are overwhelmed with the social-emotional tenor of your family, then this online course is for you! The instructor will be sharing three systems that are designed to maintain heart to heart connection for the family. System 1: Using Children’s Books To Teach Connection; System 2: Creating a Wheel of Choice for Self-Regulation; System 3: How to Institute Effective Family Meetings. Led by Gina Simm, Author of Heart to Heart and Katelyn Dutkiewics, PA-C

    PARENTING TODDLERS--Toddlers are a handful: they are constantly changing and by the time you have the newest challenge figured out, they've changed again. Their world--and their awareness of it--are ever expanding, which means a parent's job is always changing. Led by Evan Shopper, LICSW and Miranda Tsoumas, PA-C.

    PARENTING PRESCHOOLERS---Topics covered include: discipline, the preschooler’s mindset, social and emotional health, anxiety, toileting/ sleep/nutrition, sibling relationships, and more. We’ll especially focus on how you, as parents and caregivers, can tailor what you do to best help your child. The class will also be a time to connect with other parents who are in similar circumstances. Led by Evan Shopper, LICSW and Miranda Tsoumas, PA-C

    TEEN SUPPORT GROUP (AGES 13-17) (ONLINE)--This weekly group will provide social and emotional support for teenagers to help with life's challenges. Space is limited. Led by Jennifer Smolinski, Ed.D, JD, MS

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