Our office now accepts Allways Health Partners, previously Neighborhood Health Plan. This update only applies to private policy holders (which includes Cooley Dickinson Hospital’s sponsored health plan for employees). This DOES NOT include Neighborhood Health plan members through MassHealth. Unsure if this applies for you?  Call the Billing Office at 413-549-8400.

When a referral is needed to be processed for a patient, the following information is needed in order to do so:

  1. Patient name and DOB
  2. Provider full name and NPI number
  3. Fax number to send the referral once obtained
  4. The reason for the visit
  5. The date of the appointment if one has been scheduled
  6. The location of the specialty office if there is more than one

We will only contact the patient if there is a problem or we need more information. We do not call patients back after a referral is sent.

If you have any questions, please contact our Referral Coordinator at 413-549-8400 or referrals@doctorkate.net.

MassHealth Standard

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